Infrared Optics

Our Lenses Find Applications in High-end Equipment for the Defense and Security Industry, Machine Vision, Laser Systems, Medical Devices and more.

IR Lenses

Manufacturing of custom made Infrared (IR) Lenses. We are using ultra-precision diamond turning and CNC polishing to produce spherical, aspherical, diffractive and freeform shapes on multiple IR substrate materials.

IR Windows & Mirrors

Cimcoop manufactures infrared windows for a variety of applications. The main IR materials we work with are Silicon and Germanium.

Silicon and Germanium lens blanks

Cimcoop has over 25 years of experience in crystal growing and is producing IR lens blanks. We offer round disc shapes, pre-generated lens blanks as well as complex CNC machined profiles. Our CNC grinding equipment provides high-precision, polish ready finishes using tooling down to D7.