IR Lenses

product summary

Cimcoop is utilizing some of the most modern production equipment on the market today. These inlcude ultra-precise Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) and CNC polishing among other method of production. We have brand new, state-of-the-art production facility are strictly temperature and humidity controlled in order to deliver the highest accuracies possible. Geometries we produce include spheres, aspheres and diffractives from 1 to 200 mm. In addition, we are able to turn freeform shapes to manufacture non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Measurements are done on a best-in-class 3D tactile system.


  • Moore Nanotech 450 UPL v.2 diamond turning lathe

  • Moore Nanotech 250 UPL v.2 diamond turning lathe

  • 4 CNC polishing machines

  • Taylor Hobson PGI Dimension 3XL

  • Zygo ZeGage Whitelight interferometer

  • Ge, Si, ZnS, CaF2, plastics and non-ferrous metals

  • HEAR, HDAR and DLC coatings in the 3-5 and 8-12 micron range

manufacturing limits

Diameter range 10 to 200 mm
Diameter tolerance ± 0.01 mm
Center thickness 2 to 50 mm
CT tolerance ± 0.01
Surface irregularity (P-V) ≤ 0.5 fringes
RMS Irregularity – RMSi -D ≤ 12.6 nm
Surface roughness – Ra ≤ 2.5 nm