About us


Cimcoop is specialized in manufacturing precision custom optical components in the VIS and IR spectral bands. Ranging from flat and spherical to aspherical, diffractive and freeform surfaces, Cimcoop produces a wide array of optical component designs on various substrate materials.


Having the latest generation production and quality assurance equipment, together with an experienced team of professionals allows us to deliver superior quality optics and personalized customer service. Each optical part we produce is tested on state-of-the-art measuring equipment following strict ISO procedures for traceability and process control to meet and exceed your expectations.


Cimcoop is serving a broad customer base of leading OEMs across the globe. Our optics are used in wide array of industries and applications such as cinema, thermal imaging, machine vision, industrial lasers, aerospace and more. We deliver components for highly demanding applications at the forefront of today's technology.

Value Proposition

Customer Care

Being a custom optics manufacturer calls for building and maintaining long-lasting relationships based on trust and understanding. Cimcoop’s sales engineers are always available for our clients, be it to discuss cost optimization through spec modifications, lead time improvements for urgent orders, or for any other issue possible.

Short lead times for prototypes

Our organization is structured in a way that allows us to quickly produce small prototype batches for a set of optical elements. This helps our customers shorten the time to market for the final optical systems. Typical lead times for quantities less than 50 pcs are in the range of 6-10 weeks ARO.

Supporting documentation

Measurement and compliance certificates accompany all our optics. Depending on the type of component and project, different levels of supporting documents are provided. Typically these involve Raw Material certificate, Certificate of compliance (COC), a test report based on NF06-022 (or MIL-STD-105E) sampling standard, FAI report to AS9102 standard, Zygo interferograms, coating curves, form graph from our TalySurf, 3D surface profiling from our Zygo white-light interferometer and other documents as necessary.

Full Traceability

Each lens we deliver can be traced back to the material melt batch, including the lot number for all main production stages such as polishing and coating. Cimcoop employs advanced ERP and barcode scanning systems to trace all components at the various stages of the production flow.

Durable Packaging

Being a supplier with a worldwide network of customers, we make sure that all our parts are securely packaged to withstand the stresses of international shipping and to arrive undamaged to your production floor.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certified since 2004. Currently certified to ISO 9001 : 2015


Cimcoop has a TAA agreement with Naked Optics Corp. for delivery of ITAR restricted optics


Cimcoop is AS9001 compliant

ads sc21

Successfully audited to ADS SC21 standard