IR Windows & Mirrors

product summary

Cimcoop manufactures infrared windows for a variety of applications. The main IR materials we work with are Silicon and Germanium. We use single side pitch polishing technology, which combines science and craft at its finest. Thanks to the vast experience of our polishing experts (the so-called “golden hands”) Cimcoop is able to deliver parts with tight tolerances for flatness and surface quality.


  • CNC machining of complex profiles

  • Materials: Silicon and Germanium

  • Plano and wedged


Diameter range 10 to 200 mm
Length/Width 150 x 150 mm
Central Thickness (CT) < 50 mm
CT tolerance ± 0.01 mm
Parallelism ≤ 60 arc seconds
Sagita deviation - A (Power) 0.5 fringes
Irregularity - B (PV) 0.25/0.068 (fringes/µm)
Digs 2 x 0.03 mm
Scratches L2 x 0.02 mm
MIL - Scratch / Dig 80 - 50 to 20-10
Surface roughness – Rq ≤ 2 nm