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Spherical lenses

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Spherical lenses

Custom fabrication

Cimcoop has extensive experience in the production of spherical optics in the visible waveband. During our production we are using advanced CNC production technology coupled with the most reliable and widely recognized measurement systems on the market.

Various custom configiurations are possible including cementing of doublets and triplets, steps, truncations of single lenses and achromats, black varnishing and more.

Our lenses find applications in high-end equipment for various industries such as cinema, machine vision applications, aerospace, laser systems, medical devices and more.


Product highlights

  • Diameter range: 10 to 130 mm
  • All types of optical glass and fused silica
  • Experience with challenging materials (soft and chemically unstable glasses)
  • Steps and truncations on single lenses and achromats
  • Final and in-process control using Zygo interferometers
  • Advanced edge varnishing
  • Variety of single and multi-layer AR coatings

Manufacturing tolerances


Standard grade

Precision grade

Diameter range

10 to 130 mm

10 to 130 mm

Diameter tolerance

-0.05 mm

-0.01 mm

Center thickness

2 to 50 mm

2 to 50 mm

CT tolerance



Clear aperture



Power (Sagita deviation)

5 fringes/1.25 μm

1 fringe/0.25 μm


1 fringe/0.25 μm

0.4 fringes/0.1 μm

Digs (ISO 10110)

2 x 0.40

2 x 0.016

Scratches (ISO 10110)

L2 x 0.10

L2 x 0.008

MIL – Scratch / Dig

40 – 20

20 – 10

Run-out (decentration)

≤ 3 arcminutes

≤ 45 arcseconds