Slicing, core drilling, CNC machining

Cimcoop has extensive capabilities for processing of various optical materials. This includes internal diameter sawing equipment, core drills, edging machines and a 4-axis CNC milling center. As a result we can deliver optics in multitude of shapes – round, rectangular, elliptical and other more complex configurations.

We welcome orders in any quantity and lead times are kept to a minimum – as low as 2 weeks for optics made of standard materials such as Silicon and BK7 optical glass.

Curve generation

Cimcoop uses state-of-the art 5-axis CNC equipment to generate curves on Silicon and optical glass. We deliver large quantities of Silicon pre-generated lenses that are used for demanding thermal imaging applications. The remaining portion of the lenses we grind continues further to be delivered as complete single lenses or achromats.

Processing of lenses with non-round shape.

Spherical polishing

Cimcoop is specialized in spherical polishing of Silicon and glass optics. using conventional and CNC technologies.

Continuous process improvement is our goal and our process engineers are working closely with the production managers in order to optimize the process technology for each part.

Manufacturing limits: 

Diameter range: 10 to 100 mm;

Diameter tolerance: – 0,01 mm.

Thickness range: 0,5 – 50 mm

Thickness tolerance: +/- 0,01 mm.

Spherical form error of the radius: PV up to λ/10.

Surface cosmetics: up to 5/2 x 0,016 and S/D = 10-5 according to MIL-O- 13830A.

Black varnishing on the ground edges of the lenses for reducing reflections on customer`s specification.

Flat polishing

Cimcoop is specialized in flat polishing of Silicon and glass optics using conventional and CNC technologies.

Continuous process improvement is our goal and our process engineers are working closely with the production managers in order to optimize the process technology for each part.

Manufacturing limits: 

Surface accuracies up to 1/20th wave

S/D up to 10-5

Diameters from 3 to 120 mm

Optical axis to 1 arc second


Cimcoop is using high-precision CNC technology for centering of lenses up to 130 mm in diameter. Standard diameter tolerances are within +/- 0.01 mm. Our equipment has additional capabilities such as processing of truncated shapes and steps.

Centering accuracy by diameter: 

10 to 50 mm ≤ 1 arcmin

50 to 100 mm ≤ 2 arcmin


Custom Silicon growth

Cimcoop’s engineers have extensive experience growing Silicon crystal using the CZ growth method. This allows us to achieve very high levels of consistency in terms of quality and lead-time and to optimize the production technology continuously.

Cimcoop has specialized in growing Silicon monocrystals for custom orders leading to great flexibility and short lead times for our customers.

We grow optical grade Silicon with customized resistivity, type and orientation to meet our customers’ unique requirements. In addition, we produce mirror grade crystals that find applications as CO2 laser mirrors and sputtering targets.

Diameters from 5 to 152 mm

Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline orientation

N and P – type

<111> & <100> orientation


In the field of high-precision optics, the ability to measure is just as important as the ability to produce. Being well aware of that, Cimcoop is continuously investing in modern metrology equipment in order to satisfy the ever growing demands of the market:

Our metrology equipment includes:

Zygo GPI XP 4” interferometer

Taylor Hobson PGI Dimension 3 XL profilemeter

2 Vertical Workshop interferometers – Xonox 1200 VT (1 equipped with Zygo system)

Bruker Tensor 27 FT-IR spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer, LAMBDA 950 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer

Xonox CT 200 III for measuring central thickness

Video measuring systems by Euromex and Vision Engineering

Mitutoyo coordinate measuring


Test plates

Depending on the production process for each component, geometrical and optical specifications are verified at various steps. To ensure that we meet our customers’ requirements thoroughly, our metrology equipment is regularly checked and calibrated according to ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements.

Cementing of achromats and precision varnishing

  • Precision cementing of achromatic lenses up to 100 mm in Dia.
  • Cementing accuracies of up to tilt <0.45’.
  • Up to R=750 mm for convex radiuses and up to R=150 for concave radiuses for doublets and triplets.
  • Precision varnishing of spherical lenses, achromats and custom made optics.
  • Accuracies of up to 0.2 mm varnished zone for single lenses and achromats.
  • Custom made swivel stand for precision varnishing of prisms.


Our cementing/precision varnishing equipment includes:

Optotech AZP 2 HP autocollimator unit with a diverse catalogue of lenses including f=800 mm.

Xonox EPS 100 edge varnishing system.

Memmert SNB 300 sterilization unit with natural circulation.