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CNC polishing of spherical surfaces

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CNC polishing of spherical surfaces

Cimcoop is specialized in spherical polishing of optical glass and fused silica using CNC technology. The CNC process allows for a stable, cost-efficient and highly precise production process. When polishing precision optical lenses, even the CNC process requires significant skill and experience of the operators. Our process engineers and machine operators know the intricacies of the CNC polishing process in order to design the optimal tooling and to set up the software in a manner that will achieve the required surface form and surface quality with the shortest possible  production time. 

Manufacturing limits


Standard grade

Precision grade

Diameter range

10 to 130 mm

10 to 130 mm

Diameter tolerance

-0.05 mm

-0.01 mm

CT tolerance



Clear aperture



Power (Sagita devation)

5 fringes/1.25 μm

1 fringe/0.25 μm


1 fringe/0.25 μm

0.4 fringes/0.1 μm

Digs (ISO 10110)

2 x 0.40

2 x 0.016

Scratchess (ISO 10110)

L2 x 0.10

L2 x 0.008

MIL – Scratch / Dig

40 – 20

20 – 10