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Single point diamond turning

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Single point diamond turning

Cimcoop is utilizing some of the most modern 3-axis diamond turning equipment on the market today. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities are strictly temperature and humidity controlled in order to deliver the highest accuracies possible, at or near the theoretical limits of the machine equipment. Geometries we produce include rotationally symmetric spheres, aspheres and diffractives from 1 to 220 mm. In addition, we are able to turn freeform shapes to manufacture non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Measurements are done on a best-in-class 3D tactile system.

Manfacturing limits



Diameter range

10 to 150 mm

Diameter tolerance

-0.05 mm

Center thickness

2 to 50 mm

CT tolerance


Clear aperture



63 nm

RMS Irregularity – RMSi -D

12.6 nm

Surface roughness – Ra

3 nm