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Flat polishing

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Flat polishing

Cimcoop uses the technology of conventional pad and pitch polishing to process flat surfaces from optical glass, fused silica, Silicon and Germanium. This process allows us to polish plano-plano pars, wedges and prisms and various configurations. Unlike the CNC process, achieving high accuracies in surface form and surface quality requires significant skill and experience and combines craft with technology. Our flat polishing team is comprised of professionals and the so-called “golden hands” with decades of experience in polishing of flat optics.

Manufacturing limits



Diameter range

5 to 130 mm (± 0.02 mm)


> 1 mm (± 0.01 mm )

Clear aperture

< 95%

Reflected Wavefront Error (before coating)

≥ 1/10th wave over 25 mm sub-aperture

Transmitted Wavefront Error (before coating)

≥ 1/20 wave over clear aperture

Surface quality (MIL-PRF-13830B)

80-50 to 10-5