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CNC centering

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CNC centering

Cimcoop is using high-precision CNC technology for centering of lenses up to 200 mm in diameter. Standard diameter tolerances are within +/- 0.01 mm. The CNC technology allows optical lenses to be centered with a level of accuracy and repeatability that is not possible using older methods. For that reason it’s the technology of choice for all leading optical manafacturers around the globe today. In addition to standard edging, our machines have advanced capabilities such as processing of truncated (non-round) shapes and steps.

Manufacturing limits


Standard grade

Precision grade

Diameter range

10 to 130 mm

10 to 130 mm

Diameter tolerance

± 0.03 mm

± 0.01 mm


≤ 3 arcminutes

≤ 45 arcseconds